24th February 2021

Dear Guests,


Further to the Prime Minister's recent announcement we are planning to be open from the 12th April 2021 for our self catering cottages and self-contained motorhomes and caravans. We are currently taking bookings. Our shower facility and pot washing facility will remain closed.

On the 17th May 2021 we plan to open the remainder of our site for camping and our camping pods, along with our shower facility and pot washing facility. We are currently taking bookings for this date onwards.

Please Note: We are NOT taking multiple bookings for this season. From the 17th May 2021 we will only accept bookings of 2 families on 2 pitches at the most or bookings of 2 pitches of up to 6 guests in total.  Please DO NOT book individually and attempt to create a larger group than this as you will be turned away or asked to leave without refund. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Thank you for your co-operation during these unprecedented times.  We hope you enjoy your stay. 


Best wishes,


Stephen & Julie Shepherd   (Owners).



Dear Guests,


Due to the current changes that come into force on Thursday 5th November from the government with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to close our site to all guests. We are planning on re-opening on 2nd December 20 subject to the Corvid-19 issed by the Government.  If you have booked a stay during this period please get intouch with us to discuss options.

Thank you for your co-operation during these unprecedented times.  We hope you enjoy your stay. 


Best wishes,


Stephen & Julie Shepherd   (Owners).



Dear Guests,


Due to the current changes that came into force today from the government with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to limit the number of guests permitted in the Old Farmhouse Cottage to 6 guests (children included).

Thank you for your co-operation during these unprecedented times.  We hope you enjoy your stay. 


Best wishes,


Stephen & Julie Shepherd   (Owners).


28TH JUNE 2020

Dear Guests,


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are points you must be made aware of when coming to stay on our site.   There will be notices around site to remind guests of certain points also.


  • We allow only one person in reception at any time, if there is someone in there, please wait at the door until that person has left.

  • Please be courteous to other guests and keep the 1m+ social distancing.

  • We will be cleaning the shower block and its facilities more regularly than normal, so please bear with us when this is happening.  There will be disinfectant sprays and blue roll around for guests also to use, as you must also be responsible for keeping the areas you have used clean. 

  • Any children wishing to access the shower block, MUST  be accompanied by an adult, at all times.   

  • If you are in more than one group of families, please DO NOT crowd the shower block, please be courteous and keep your 1 m+ spacing if waiting to use the facilities and try to spread out the times you use it. 

  • Please try not to take too long in the showers and the shower block when able.

  • Wherever able, guests who have their own facilities in their vans/motorhomes or even tents must use these as much as possible to reduce the strain on the shower block, its facilities and the pot washing area. 

  • We have 3 portaloos around the camping site to reduce the strain on the shower/toilet block, please also use these whenever you are able.  They also will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.


Thank you for your co-operation during these unprecedented times.  We hope you enjoy your stay. 


Best wishes,


Stephen & Julie Shepherd   (Owners).


23RD MARCH 2020


As the people of the world face unprecedented measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 we have taken the decision to close Shepherds Views until further notice.


Everyone needs to do their part and tourism is no exception, Non-essential travel includes tourism. 


Therefore, we will not be accepting any new guests arriving with tourers, motorhomes, tents, or staying in pods or cottages after Tuesday 24th March.  Guests who are currently staying with us should arrange to vacate the site by Friday 27th March. 


Please note that this unprecedented situation – COVID-19 is not covered on our business interruption policy insurance, so the full financial implications fall upon us.  We advise guests to claim their loss of funds on their own travel/holiday insurance.  As a small family run business we have to remain sustainable and continue to pay our bills to safeguard our future.   The full financial implications fall upon us all the implications to us are huge, as we have been faced with numerous cancellations daily. 


We will be open and operational again as soon as it is safe to do so.  In the meantime, please bear with us.  We will no longer be accepting bookings for 2020 until the position is clearer but we hope to be accepting bookings for 2021 as soon as we are able. 


We are all facing challenges of epic proportions and need to do the right thing. 

The team at Shepherds Views Holidays thank you for your understanding and co-operation and your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all in the very near future.



Here at Shepherds Views, the health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority.  We recognize that the situation is potentially unsettling and we would like to reassure you that we are closely monitoring the developing situation. 

(This information is subject to change)


For now, and unless otherwise advised Shepherds Views will remain open.  Holidays are a chance to escape day to day life and are important for health and well-being.  The open spaces, natural surroundings and fresh air of the Western Lake District is just what many of us need.  We are taking the advice of medical professionals, the Government and governing bodies seriously and alongside this believe we have a duty of care to our guests, our local community and our team.


Touring, camping, self-catering holidays and glamping are not close contact activities involving strangers.  In many ways they are the original ‘self-isolating’ holiday.  However, our public areas (toilet/shower block, dishwashing area, chemical disposal point ad reception) could be potential sources of surface virus transmission.  We would therefore urge you to take extra care of yourselves and others in these areas.  It is suggested, where possible, that you use the facilities in your own vans/motorhomes.  Extra cleaning is taking place regularly in these areas mentioned.

For now, please note the following

Email us if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or are in an at risk group.  We are unable to offer refunds, as a safeguard to ensure that Shepherds Views can continue to trade and safeguard our staff.  Guests must ensure they have the necessary holiday/travel insurance so they can claim any loss of money from this. 

You cannot self-isolate at Shepherds Views for the safety of other guests our team and our community.

Use common sense hygiene practice whilst here.  Wash your hands and bin your tissues.  We will, as always keep our facilities exceptionally clean.

If you develop symptoms whilst on site, please refrain from using the facilities.  Please pack up and go home.  As soon as you are able please telephone us on 019467 29907 to notify us, so that we are able to carry out the necessary procedures here at the park. 

If you are unable to travel due to Coronavirus or are a high risk group, please ensure you have the necessary holiday/travel insurance to claim any loss of money.  We cannot offer refunds in order to ensure that Shepherds Views can remain sustainable over the coming months and that our staffs jobs are safe. 


Reducing the risk of virus transmission at Shepherds Views

Distancing Measures.  Our pitches and accommodation have adequate space between them.  Please stand further back from our reception desk, than you normally would.  This will help to reduce the risk of ourselves, our staff and yourselves to ensure we are able to continue to offer our services. 

Additional cleaning & hygiene measures.  We are undertaking additional daily cleaning ‘high touch point areas’ – door handles, tap heads, card machine and so on.

Guest co-operation

When visiting Shepherds Views, we would ask all our guests and owners to take the following sensible Government Advice:

Washing hands regularly.  Wash hands for at least 30 seconds using soap and water.

Maintain good hygiene practices such as using tissues when coughing or sneezing and disposing of the tissue in a bin.

Maintain a sensible distance from others. 

We are very much relying on our customers to be understanding and supportive at this extremely worrying time for the holiday parks industry and fully anticipate that our business, our staff and our industry as a whole is set to be hit incredibly hard. Some businesses will not survive.  We are therefore hoping that our customers will work with us to make sure we and other parks in our position are able to survive this situation.  We are therefore asking our customers to ensure they have the necessary travel/holiday insurance to claim any loss of money they may incur.  We are unable to make refunds.


Many thanks for your support now and in the future.


Julie & Stephen Shepherd   (Owners – Shepherds Views Holidays).