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When confirming a reservation with a deposit you are entering into a legal agreement with us.  Please read our terms and conditions below:


Bookings are taken on a Self Catering basis.  Short breaks & last minute deals are available.  We accept the following forms of payment:  debit/credit cards, we do not accept cheques.


Pets are not accepted.


Arrival & departure

Accommodation will be available to you from 15.00 hrs on the day of arrival.  If you expect to arrive later than 21.00 hrs please advise by telephone 019467 29907,  if you fail to do so, you may not be able to gain access to the property.  If you fail to arrive by 12 noon on the day after the start date of your holiday rental & you have not advised us of your late arrival, your booking may be treated as having been cancelled by you.  No refund of any monies paid by you will be made in this situation. We request that you vacate the property by 10.00 hrs on the day of departure.



We require £50.00 deposit per property booked to confirm a booking.  The remaining balance becomes due 6 weeks prior to arrival.  Last minute bookings are payable in full when booking.


Cancellation policy

When a confirmed reservation has been made, both guest & Shepherds Views Holidays have entered into a legal binding contract.  Cancellations longer than 6 weeks prior to arrival will lose the deposit.   Cancellations within 6 weeks of the arrival date will lose all money paid.   To avoid any disappointment in case of cancellation or a holiday being cut short through illness it is advisable that a Holiday Cancellation Insurance Policy is taken out, this is a recommendation of Cumbria Tourist Board.



You and all members of your holiday rental party agree both to keep the property clean and tidy and to leave the property in a similar condition as you found it upon your arrival.  You and all members of your holiday rental party further agree not to use the property for any commercial purpose, including without limitation assigning or subletting it or otherwise allowing anyone to occupy it who has not previously been accepted by us.  You are responsible to us for the actual costs of any breakage or damage in or to the property - along with any additional costs that may result - which are caused by you and/or any members of your holiday rental party, and we can require payment from you to cover any such costs.  We are entitled at our sole and absolute discretion to refuse to hand over to you, or to repossess, the property (which includes the fixtures, fittings, furnishings and decorations) if we reasonably believe that any damage is likely to be caused, has been caused or is being caused by you or any members of your holiday rental party.  These circumstances will be treated as a cancellation by you.  No refund of any monies you have paid in respect of your booking will be made and we will have no liability to you as a result of this situation arising (including, for example any costs or expenses you incur due to not being able to occupy the property, such as your incurring the cost of securing an alternative property/accommodation).  In this situation, we are under no obligation to find any alternative accommodation for you.  You must not allow more people than we state the property sleeps to occupy the property, neither can you significantly change the composition of the holiday rental party during your occupation of the property, nor can you take any pet into the property.  If you do any of these things,  we can refuse to hand over the property to you, or can repossess it.  If we do this, this will be treated as a cancellation by you.  No refund of any monies you have paid in respect of your booking will be made and we will have no liability to you as a result of this situation arising (including for example any costs or expenses you incur due to not being able to occupy the property, such as your incurring the cost of securing an alternative property/accommodation).  In this situation, we are under no obligation to find any alternative accommodation for you.   Guests with allergies should be aware that we cannot guarantee that a registered guide and/or hearing dog has not stayed in their chosen property nor can we accept any liability for any suffering which may occur as a result of such animals having been present.  You must allow us and any representative of us (including workmen) access to the property at any reasonable time during your occupation of the property (except in cases of emergency or where a problem needs remedying quickly and you cannot be contacted in time - in these situations we are entitled to enter the property at any time without giving you prior notice).



Any data gathered during the course of booking may be held on computer.


We do not share information with third parties.


Any information posted to our website or images given to us can be used by us without reference or copyright.  



The Bicycle let out on hire, including all accessories & attachments supplied herewith (“the Bicyle”) remains the property of  Shepherds Views Holidays (“the owner”) and the Renter will not sell, hire out, lend or otherwise part with possession thereof.  
The Renter acknowledges and agrees that the Bicycle is in good condition in all respects and undertakes not to misuse it and returns it with all accessories in the same condition as when received (ordinary wear and tear excepted) to the place and on the due date and time specified on the hire forms as signed by the Renter.  
The Owner shall be entitled to charge the Renter for all damage caused to the Bicycle during the period of hire.  In the event of breakdown other than those of a type which the Renter can reasonably repair with the supplied kit  ie. A puncture or un-sealed chain and other than as a result of the Renter’s misuse of the Bicycle the Owner will use its best endeavours to repair it or procure its repair. 
The period of hire commences at the time of collection and is deemed to continue until the Bicycle is received by the Owner as aforesaid. 
The Owner shall not be liable for any damage caused or loss made whatsoever by breakdown or other defects in the Bicycle or other circumstances beyond the Owners control.  The Renter shall indemnify the Owner in respect of all costs, claims, expenses, and demands which it may suffer or incur and which arise directly or indirectly out of the use of the Bicycle during the period of hire. 
In the event of  the Bicycle being lost or stolen the Owner reserves the right to call upon the Renter to indemnify the Owner the replacement value of the Bicycle.  However, should the Bicycle subsequently be recovered in a useable condition, the Owner undertakes  to refund the Renter’s indemnity in full within fourteen days.  
The Renter shall be solely responsible for and shall keep the Owner fully indemnified in respect of all fines, impositions or other penalties occasioned by the use of the Bicycle during the period of hire in respect of violation of any Acts of Parliament, Orders, Regulations or by laws for the time being in force. 
Any conditions or warranties not expressed and which might be implied on the part of the Owner except statutory Warranties are excluded. 
The Renter will ensure that the Bicycle is adequately secured to an immovable object when not in use.  Will not use the Bicycle under the influence of drink or drugs and WILL IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY THE OWNER IN THE EVENT OF ANY LOSS OR BREAKDOWN OF THE BICYCLE, OTHER THAN THOSE REASONABLY REPAIRABLE BY THE HIRER.  THESE SHOULD BE REPORTED TO THE OWNER UPON THE RETURN OF THE BICYCLE.. 
The Renter will pay to the Owner on demand all charges due under the agreement.  The estimated rental charge (calculated as per the Owners current lists)  plus any charges for additional accessories and attachments, Is payable in advance or upon collection or delivery
If the Renter shall commit any breach  of  the terms of this agreement the Owner shall be entitled, but without prejudice, to any other rights or remedies which it may have to terminate the hire of the Bicycle, and recover possession thereof, without notice, and to make reasonable charge or such repossession.  No rights of the Owner under the agreement will be waived except in writing by a duly authorised member of staff. 
Estimation Charges for damage.   Other than that which can be reasonably classed as normal wear and tear (Non Exhaustive)
Buckled Wheel £15.00:  Torn Seat £10.00:  Damaged Rear Mech £15.00:  Broken Pedal £5.00 : accessory damage - retail price Broken Spoke £3.00:  Damaged Lever £5.00:  Damaged Gear Shifter £5.00:  Bent Handlebars £10.00:  Tyre abuse £8.00:  Bent Chain Rings £15.00  Lost or Non returned Repair kit & Lock, or part thereof £10.00.
The Late return of a cycle will incur an additional charge payable by the hirer upon return for each bike late.   
Bikes hired for the Day and not returned within 30 minutes of the Return time, as stated on the top of the hire agreement, will incur a late return charge of £5.00 for any period after this up to the first hour, and an additional Days hire charge for all bikes over an hour late.  

Photographs on this website are for example purposes only and may not represent the equipment supplied. 

Please obey these simple rules and always remember that your safety and the safety of other road users and pedestrians are of paramount importance. 
 1.   Before each journey, take a few minutes to give your hike the “pre-ride” check .  2.   Obey the traffic laws and regulations.   3.   Always wear suitable clothing and your helmet.   4.   Ride your bike at a speed to suit the terrain and weather conditions.   5.   Always try to anticipate and expect the unexpected!  6.   Both hands should reach handlebars and both feet should be on the pedals.   7.   Always be in total control of your bike.   8.   Ride with care and courtesy.   9.   Look after your bike, ensuring it Is always locked securely when not in use.  10.  Do not  jump or stunt our bikes.  11.  Never carry a passenger.  12.  Bike brakes are designed to stop a bike in a straight line.  If you broadside and skid your bike you will                Damage or even brake the frame.  13.  Never hang items from the handlebars.  14.  Never use headphones or mobile phones while using a bike.  15.  Never carry adult (over 14’s) passengers in child trailers.  16.  Never carry “passengers” in cargo trailers. 
The hirer will be required to pay in full for any damage or  loss on return, whether at fault or not. 
Please check all our equipment carefully on the commencement of the hire for damage or faults.  Lights are NOT supplied.
Insurance is not included in our hire service.   We advise you to take out your own insurance policy or check with your home insurers.  Insurance should include:  Theft, third party, accidental damage, personal injury and liability insurance. 
All equipment is offered subject to availability.  
Photographs shown are for example purposes only and may not represent the bicycle, trailer or other equipment supplied. 
Shepherds Views Holidays takes no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by accident or mechanical failure.   Cycling and the hire of all equipment is at the rider-hirers own risk.  
Shepherds Views Holidays. 

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